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Ahmed Umar

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Ahmed Umar (1988), is a multidisciplinary artist working with ceramics, jewellery, performance,and printmaking. He came to Norway from Sudan as a political refugee in 2008. Graduated in 2016 with Master's degree in Fine arts, section of Medium and Material based Arts from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.


Ruqyah - Invocation - رقية

Drawing installation dispalyed at Tegnerforbundet 2022 accompanying the exhibition of the Sudanese modernist Ibrahim AlSalahi. 


Glowing Phalanges: Prayer beads 33

Sculptural installation with 33 pieces installed on a cast of my right hand. 


The Revolutionary Women of Sudan (The Kandakas)

A series created to honor Sudanese women in the revolution time and women who live revolutionary lives, according to the Sudanese social standards.Women in Sudan have been in the lead in every politic


Glowing Phalanges: A prayer for each phalanx in my right hand

15 sculpture in wood, stone horn, feather, robe, limestone on a cast of my own right hand. 



A selfportrait in support for the women march in Sudan during the revolution of 2018-2019


Document: The massacre of Khartoum

Document with the names of the victims murdered by the military government of Sudan in 2019's revolution. 


Carrying the face of ugliness

Series of portraits with 8 LGBT+ people in Sudan. 



Design of a Norwegian/Sudanese bunad. 


"Would any of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother?"

A body cast in 29 parts hanged in metal wire. Inspired by the vers ""Would any of you like to eat a dead brother’s flesh?" (49:12) from the Holy Quarn. Total size when assemeled 180x60x35cm. Earthenwa


Hijab collection within "Resilience" exhibition

The openning performance with the pieces: Hijab (Necklace) and Hijab (annual portection: in process), Gallery Format, Oslo


Hijab (Annual Protection)

365 leather objects stretched on a leather cord. Total length 30 meters.


What Lasts! (Sarcophagus)

A ceremonial project that consist of three ceramic sculptures: a sarcophagus, a grave and a self portrait. What Lasts (Sarcophagus): Made to fit the artist body and is 200cm long, 85cm wide, 65cm in


What Lasts! (Grave)

A ceremonial project that consist of three ceramic sculptures: a sarcophagus, a grave and a self portrait. Sculpture, 2016 earthenware, mashed paper ca 200x80x40 cm What Lasts is a work that began wh


What Lasts! (Self Portrait)

A ceremonial project that consist of three ceramic sculptures: a sarcophagus, a grave and a self portrait. A self portrait in a distrctive period. The sculpture have my body measurement and my hight.


The Hijab Collection


Purification set

Purification Set is a set of abolution pottery that is used to prepare for the Muslim prayer. This kind of pottery is already vanished from the daily use as other substitutes took over. I made them ra


Thawr, Thawra (Ox, Revolution)

Thawar, Thawra is a translation to (Ox, Revolution) in Arabic. The words in Arabic are in two genders where the masculine Thawr means; an ox while the feminine Thawra means; revolution. I made this sc


Funeral Ceremony

Funeral ceremony is an homage to my father whom I lost while living in Norway. Sudanese tradition applies that a man should stand solid, not cry or show emotions when loosing someone dear. It is also


If you no longer have a family, make your own with clay!

A 60 minutes live performance. This performance is inspired by a children say from Sudan. It is often said to symbolize frustration about people who act against your good. For instance, if a cousin


Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic paintings. Size range 100x100 cm 120x150 cm. Between 2013-2016