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Wisam Alsamad

Keramikk / Leire, Kunst i offentlig rom





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Wisam Alsamad er en senior keramikk kunster opprinnelig fra Irak. Wisam er kjent for å blande tradisjonelle og moderne elementer i kunstverkene sine, med et distinkt fokus med å ha arabisk kalligrafi i leire. I Norge har han blitt mer kjent for å ha norske helleristninger i sine keramiske verk. Med over førti års erfaring, har han mottatt internasjonale priser fra kunstfestivaler og biennaler for hans bidrag til keramikkunstens verden og hans keramiske kunstverk er representert i flere museer og offentlige institusjoner internasjonalt. Hans dedikasjon til keramikk kunst førte ham til videre akademiske studier, som resulterte til en bachelorgrad i billedkunst med spesialisering i keramikk fra Kunsthøgskolen ved Universitetet i Bagdad i 1999.


A Light of Mesopotamia

Artistic skill blends with technical prowess, infusing life into modern ceramic creations inspired by his Mesopotamian heritage. Overcoming challenges, he employs a complex method, achieving a diverse


The Path of Love

In the artistic realm of Wisam, the essence of love takes center stage as he passionately explores its multifaceted expressions through a captivating collection. Inspired by the profound beauty of Ara


Meet Love

The art pieces are reminiscent of stone carvings, each piece bearing the imprint of human touch on its textured surface, skillfully conveying the profound nuances of subtle emotions like love. In expl


Windows of The Soul

Wisam fearlessly redefines the traditional pottery boundaries. Through meticulous dedication and innovative techniques, such as using dissolved gold for unique oxidized effects. Wisam shapes a transfo


Spirit of Geometric

Distinct technique dissolves gold in aqua regia mixed with resin, creating a captivating interplay of color and motion on his ceramic artworks. This unique approach results in a mesmerizing oxidized e


Back To The Roots

Wisam's artistic creations beautifully fuse two rich cultural tapestries: Mesopotamian and Old Norse. Drawing inspiration from Mesopotamian traditions, his works showcase the use of clay and a palette


Magic of Laster

In Wisam's skilled hands, each type of clay takes on a unique shape and colour, revealing a level of artistry that transcends previous boundaries, which gives ceramic works an iconic form that embodie


Love Tracks

Each piece harmonizes color austerity with expressive form. Adorned with calligraphic verses, each art piece transcends tradition, drawing viewers into a dreamy lyrical atmosphere. Deliberate cracks a


Alphabet of The Gold Clay

In "Gold's Clay Alphabet from Tigris to Glomma," Wisam pioneers a rebellious collection, defying conventional industry norms. Embracing intentional ugliness and improvisational play, he establishes a


Tell Us, Gibran

Wisam seamlessly fuses the rich heritage of Mesopotamian culture with the mystique of Old Norse traditions. The pieces showcase a harmonious blend of materials, incorporating brown Earthenware resembl


The Earth is My Mosque

Vibrant fusion of colors achieved through expert blending of dyes, clay, and ochre. His meticulous technique results in a glossy ceramic finish that enhances the overall aesthetic. Incorporating Arabi


Baghdad... Point of All The Letters

In the realm of ceramic artistry, Wisam Alsamd seamlessly merges tradition with innovation, crafting captivating circular pieces inspired by ancient Arab artistry. These ceramics, adorned with vibrant


Memory of Spirit

In the hands of Wisam, clay becomes a canvas for emotion and spirituality. Shaped with skill and reverence for Eastern values, the ceramic art pieces of Wisam embody a rich cultural narrative. From th


One Thousand & One Cups

To add a unique touch, intertwining traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. In his collection, simplicity becomes a canvas for intricate beauty. The bowls, conceived from Wisam's artistic v


The Beauty & Brightness of The Circle

A visionary in ceramic art, Wisam seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. His pieces, characterized by warm, smooth surfaces and intricate geometric circular patterns, reflect a harmonious synthes


Pains of Mud

In Wisam's perspective, clay becomes a canvas for an extraordinary artistic journey, where each form and hue reflects a mastery that surpasses conventional limits. The art pieces in this collection tr


Gilgamesh; Wings of Mud & Fire

Wisam draws inspiration from Mesopotamian texts, particularly the Gilgamesh epic, considered the "Odyssey of Ancient Iraq." Themes of life, death, and immortality fuel approximately thirty ceramic mur


Salute to Baghdad

Wisam embarks on a captivating exploration of clay's possibilities, infusing his creations with passion drawn from teaching ceramics and global artistic influences. His recent wall relief sculptures,


Music of The Letters

The art collection explores the rich history of pottery in Iraq, tracing its origins to the Warka era (Uruk) and its subsequent evolution through Jamdat Nasr pottery. The enduring legacy of ancient po


Letters Draw a Life

Rooted in the clay of Al-Mashtal, Mid East of Baghdad, Wisam's artistic journey began with a discovery of form and expression. Embracing ceramics at the Institute of Fine Arts, his early works surpass


Thousands Sign & Sign

Wisam passionately delves into the enchanting world of clay, unraveling its magnetic components and exploring intricate possibilities that defy the traditional norms of pottery circularity. His artist


The Clay Ink & The Light of Pencil

Wisam's works in this collection are not created gently, as they bear the marks of deliberate, violent, and harsh cosmetic treatments achieved by pushing the boundaries of what the ceramic wheel could